Join Avalanche Summit II with a limited early-bird ticket

Join Avalanche Summit II with a limited early-bird ticket

Avalanche Summit returns riding high on the success that it experienced in the previous edition. This time, the second edition of Avalanche Summit is estimated to have a larger footfall and more speakers to discuss multiple blockchain topics.

Avalanche Summit II will be hosted in Barcelona, Spain, from May 03, 2023, to May 05, 2023. The timing for the cryptocurrency conference is fixed, starting at 10 am and ending at 6 pm every day.

It is estimated that over 3,000 speakers from different fields will share the stage on various occasions for three days, hosting more than 125 sessions on multiple blockchain topics. The previous edition of Avalanche Summit saw nearly 4,000 people attend the conference. This year, without any doubt, more people are expected to join the summit. Early bird tickets are live in limited numbers for anyone who wants to be at the Avalanche Summit II.

The cryptocurrency conference is open for creators, developers, and researchers looking to gain insights into the sector. They will also be offered a chance to expand their networks to bring innovation to the Web3 segment. Basically, anyone who builds and uses decentralized technology on Avalanche can get on board for a series of sessions at Avalanche Summit II.

Like-minded creators will likely have the best time since the network formed will enable them to grow their projects. Also, the conference will shed light on updates that Avalanche plans to bring in the coming days. Call it a hint to a roadmap for this year; Avalanche Summit II will surely talk about what the community can expect to happen.

Tickets to Avalanche Summit II can be bought via MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover. Tickets purchased include food and drinks at the cryptocurrency conference that will feature a vibrant native ecosystem, a decompression lounge, five different programming stages, and a lot more on a similar track.

Some of the speakers that are expected to appear at Avalanche Summit II are:

  • Isabella Chase from TRM Labs, Senior Policy Advisor
  • Jeff Hasselman from Amazon, AWS Global Head Web3
  • Pedro Gomes from WalletConnect, Co-Founder
  • Bryan Pellegrino from LayerZero Labs, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
  • Anett Rolikova from Hyperlane, Developer Relations

…among many others.

Interested participants can apply to speak at and sponsor Avalanche Summit II.

Organizers have recommended arriving at the hosting destination on May 01, 2023, and planning departure from Barcelona on May 07, 2023. Covid-19 restrictions may apply for the participants of Avalanche Summit II based on their countries of origin.

The team behind Avalanche Summit II is planning to roll out side events along with the main event. These will be scheduled to happen before, during, and after the conference to ensure that participants have a great time and are able to build a nice community around them.

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