Atari's Metaverse Entry Begins With an Open-World Casino

Atari’s Metaverse Entry Begins With an Open-World Casino

The Atari Group, the firm behind favorite video games such as Pac-Man and Pong, is preparing to enter the virtual world with the newly launched, open-world encounter, which will enable users to participate in a variety of games.

This open-world experience would be included in the Atari Chain use cases. The metaverse, which identifies as a virtual reality that manages to combine features of digital gaming, social networking sites, enhanced or virtual reality, and cryptos, seems to have been a steamy topic in recent months.

Atari Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum ( ETH) blockchain.

About Atari Chain

Atari is a well-known brand in its own right, and it’s a pioneer in video game consoles, arcades, and personal computers. They actually designed masterpieces like Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Frogger.

Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell co-founded the company in 1972.

Atari formed the very first popular video game ever launched. Pong, a video game, was launched in November 1972, and it is still popular to this day.

Later that year, in 1977, the group released the Atari 2600 game console, which spearheaded the usage of ROM casings at a time when home video game consoles only backed games that had been built-in to their frameworks. Atari became an entirely subsidiary of Atari SA, a computer game French holding company headquartered in Paris, in 2008.

Atari Token ($ATRI) is the Atari Chain’s native token. The token was officially announced as an ERC-20 token on the ETH network, but now it is compatible with a variety of other blockchains, such as Fantom, the Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

About Atari Token

Atari Token is decentralized crypto that the business wants to become a widespread form of payment for the games industry, allowing developers and designers to acquire new money-making choices while also introducing smart contracts and other features into the gaming world.

Atari’s crypto exchange mission is to make it accessible “for as many platforms as possible,” beginning from its own open-world crypto casino. The token stands out by already possessing a strong network of genuine use cases that enable customers to do more than just hold onto their ATRI.

About Atari Metaverse

Atari is introducing a new open-world metaverse encounter centered on a casino using the ATRI token, in which gamers can simply talk with one another or place a bet as they please whilst also discovering the game’s map.

It will also include stunning scenery as well as a variety of casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and Poker. These games will only be a small part of the customized, multi-player encounter that will be accessible. Find more about ETH poker here.

Including the Atari metaverse, a hundred million NFTs will be distributed to gamers.

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