Crypto Trading: Gain Insight Into Its Types and Styles

Crypto Trading: Gain Insight Into Its Types and Styles

Crypto trading is the process of trading Bitcoins or any other altcoins through cryptocurrency trading platforms. Crypto trading promotes trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies by using fiat money or vice versa, depending upon the trader’s demand. To actively participate in trading, the user needs to examine cryptocurrency charts, concepts, and types of orders in crypto exchanges. Even though crypto trading may overwhelm beginners, it is not a complicated process when they know the aspects and apply them in practice. Want more information about Cryptocurrency? Get a detailed guide about what is Cryptocurrency.

Types of Crypto Trading

Here are the two major types –

  • Short-Term

Short-term crypto trading is identical to stock trading. The investors and traders invest their cryptocurrency like bitcoin or fiat currency into a particular asset and get profits when the price goes up. Further, short-term trading refers to trading with cryptocurrencies using the minimum investment to get earnings within a short time. Even though it has its advantages, there are few risks involved in this type of trading.

  • Long-Term

One of the safest methods in cryptocurrency trading is long-term trading. In this type of trading, the investor or the trader invests their funds in one or more crypto assets for a long time; when the price goes up, they sell them for a profit. In this type of trading, the investor is assured small or big profits. This long-term trading is preferred by medium investors and beginners, while short-term investing is ideal for entrepreneurs or experienced investors.

Styles in Crypto Trading

Aside from various types of crypto trading, there are different styles used by traders. Here are the different kinds of crypto trading – 

  • Scalping

Traders who perform scalping are the most active because scalping demands studying and monitoring the cryptocurrency market to take advantage of even its slightest upsurge. Scalping is also a type of day trading and is traded within seconds. 

  • HODLing

HODLing is the primary type of trading and long-term cryptocurrency trading. This type of trading does not involve more time, work, and monitoring of the market. It includes buying the crypto assets and holding them for long periods, even though there is a decline in value; when the price starts to increase, the assets can be sold for profit.

  • Swing Trading

In this type of trading, the user holds the crypto assets for long periods. The trader needs to monitor the market, and they need to be patient and not panic because of the market fluctuations. Swing trading is the most sought-after trading among traders, and it offers excellent profits when the market takes an upwards trend. 

  • Day Trading

A type of cryptocurrency trading carried out during the day when the market is highly active is day trading. This trading is short-term, and it is ideal for traders who do not have time to dedicate long hours for cryptocurrency trading or, rather, the commitment. Day trading offers satisfaction to the users who would like to watch their Investments grow during the day.

  • Position Trading

Position trading is long-term trading like buying and holding the shares, and it is synonymously used for purchasing and holding positions. These traders do not depend on position trading for their livelihood, and they do not keep their attention on the market charts full time. Before proceeding with this type of trading, they study the market history and the white paper of the cryptocurrency they plan to invest in. 

Exclusive Types of Crypto Trading

  • Leverage trading helps the traders to level up their trading portfolio, and it attracts vast Investments. It also encourages combined capital from the investors so that when there is a profit, dividends can be successfully split up. This type of trading gathers smaller contributions from all the investors that leverage on more gains in the long term.
  • Copy trading is the most preferred form of trading by new traders in the cryptocurrency market. Using copy trading, the new trader can copy successful traders’ trading strategies to earn more profits. This type of trading comes with investment, portfolio creation, and profit calculator for the user to analyze their profits.
  • Spot trading offers high liquidity features and a trade processing system that helps traders conduct transactions within a second. Popular exchanges adopt this kind of feature like Binance to conduct faster transactions and support the market, stop-loss and limit orders. 
  • The user can multiply their trading revenue by using over-the-counter (OTC) trading features. It offers smooth transactions and manageable fees; it is one of the preferred options for investors to earn profits through crypto trading. Beware of some scam trading tools and platforms. Check out here about Stormgain is legit or not.


Both beginners and experienced users can easily trade cryptocurrencies in an exchange. The users can compare several techniques and use a method that earns them profit. Using different techniques reduces the chances of incurring losses in a volatile market.

For a trader to thrive, knowing oneself, one’s level of expertise and trading exposure is mandatory. Even when this attribute has not been assessed, trading in minor quantities can help understand it.

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