Beta Version of Satellite API to Broadcast Data Being Launched by a Tech Blockchain Company Blockstream

A technology-based Blockchain company Blockstream is going to launch a beta variant of its Blockstream Satellite API. To help the developers to broadcast data, specifically the beta variant has been developed by using the satellite network of the company for pc community. The details of the beta variant launch were officially disclosed further making it public on 16 January 2019.

The satellite service of the company in December last year started broadcasting blockchain Bitcoin [BTM] across the world the move of launching Beta version was initiated only after this. Blockchain Bitcoin house initiative is reportedly aiming to free the cryptocurrency community network from relying on the land-based internet connection and therefore developing its robustness.

The most recent product of the Blockstream the Data Agnostic enables its satellite to be used for encrypted messages, by using the Lighting testnet the users can pay for the carrier service, as of now the broadcasting is free for the users. RESTful API and application programming interface [API] can be used by the developers to submit messages through the Blockstream website.

The maximum size of the message has been limited by the team member of Blockstream Satellite API which will further allow messages to be transmitted between 10 seconds. The notification further states that the developers need to use their fragmentation, own encryption and should combine large messages whenever needed especially when transmitting a large amount of data.

The announcement states that the objective of the Data Agnostic product is to maintain privacy, to maintain the privacy level of its product only a specific group of user or a particular user can decrypt the information that is received, the information is transmitted from the internet by using the broadcast tool. At the time of paying for the carrier service, the Lightning network activates another additional level of privacy to secure data by disconnecting the cost supply from the destination terminal.

In August 2017 the tech company Blockstream first revealed about the plans of developing a satellite network of its own, affirming that the company wants to connect everyone to in the world even though the world-wide limitation imposed on web penetration and even more restriction imposed on online freedom.

A few days ago the United States Nationwide Aeronautics and the Area Management of NASA projected a system that is based on Blockchain for the management of the air traffic control; the system will make use of the open source signaled by the blockchain in-order to allow safe, secured, nameless and personal exchange of verbal communication with the air traffic control service and with its associated products.

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