Bitcoin Price Finds Bears Near $4,200

Wednesday, 26 December showed the Bitcoin (BTC) price to be hovering around a marginal scale as traders and investors evaluated the assets on a downward slide that occurred the earlier day.
Though the Bitcoin / Dollar figure showed a lot of promise at the beginning when the market opened with a bounce moving towards $3850 but did not show support any further and fell to $3,686 after correcting itself later, another effort was made to jump over the support price of $3,850 but saw itself settling somewhere in the middle range at $3,791.
It is requiring a lot of effort to endure a bullish run as the crypto market is facing a somewhat increased selling pressure at a range near $4,100 to $4,200. A problem of near about identical condition cropped up in November when the asset tried to break the target and cross over the $4,400 mark. Following that, the downward spiral left the pricing to settle somewhere between $3,127 to $3,130, which is taken to be temporarily the lowest level.
Still, there are signs of an upward movement, with the Bitcoin /Dollar price shifting back and forth on the confined range. A last attempt to push itself forward before it gives in and forms a new target will be tried by both Bitcoin and Dollar rates. Similarly, the level can show the gathering of extended targets that could examine the 50 -period moving aggregate. The RSI momentum barometer is also finding it problematic to move above 60 to indicate a bullish run. It has again fallen back from the 55-58 levels.
The moderate action on Wednesday has prohibited the trading ranges. $3,850 is taken as a provisional resistance and $3,686 as price protection. The approach remains the same, that is, to continue to adhere to the inter-range scheme. It means to take an order when Bitcoin sees an upward trend and the reverse when it pulls itself down.
A move to a breakout plan would be taken at the point when it moves ahead of the resistance mark or falls below the protection level. Anything above $3,850 would move our target to $4,055, with a stop loss slightly low than the point at which we made our entrance so that a loss of just a meager amount would be faced. Anything below $3,686 would make us sure that the Bitcoin market is on the verge of collapse and a new downward target of $3,439 would be placed with a stop loss of just above entry level could be maintained.

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