Coinitix - A Safe and Secure Manifesto to Buy Bitcoin

Coinitix – A Safe and Secure Manifesto to Buy Bitcoin is one of the most scientifically and progressive exchange platforms for bitcoin traders or investors. Coinitix is a new and fully mechanized online web-based platform. It has a very sleek and succinct registration process for buying bitcoins instantly.

Coinitix operates a fully managed and accredited platform, operating and administering all the transactions and governed by the laws of Estonia. It has a digital currency service license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Estonia, under the Estonia Registry Code laws. It is one of the best platforms to buy BTC with your credit card with a smooth experience. provides its users with advanced features and services like user-friendly assimilate, credit card payment options, easy & quick signup process, transparency in transactions, simple & fair commission structure, 24/7 customer service support.

Coinitix has been blooming since its initiation, only because of the amenities and services it offers to its users or investors. All its extraordinary characteristics and interface attract users towards it. Thus, this platform supports the ingenious adoption of Bitcoin directly and indirectly and in the digital investment avenue.

Different Ways to Buy Bitcoins

Given below are five easy ways to buy bitcoins:

Face to face

One of the more beneficial, direct ways to buy bitcoin is through direct transactions with the seller. It can be a trusted friend or acquaintance or in a community meetup. Local meetups are great places to connect with other crypto enthusiasts, and often prefer to trade in during member attendance.

Use Credit Card

An easy way to buy some bitcoins is to use a credit card. This can be done at various crypto platforms. Once you click on the Buy button, it will show you a hint to enter a bitcoin wallet address. If you do not have a bitcoin wallet address, the platform can help you with it. Bitcoin purchase using a credit card is very suitable and quick compared to other options.

Bitcoin ATM

There is another way to buy bitcoins for cash that does not involve meeting with the seller, in person, or with an intermediary. It is a Bitcoin ATM. These are kiosks like traditional ones that are connected to the internet and are accepted fiat currency as a means of cash payment. Many crypto trading platforms provide Bitcoin ATM services, and the number of locations is growing rapidly.

P2P Exchange

Unlike suburbanized exchanges, which match between buyers & sellers and expedite all aspects of transactions, some peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange services provide a more direct connection between users.

Buy bitcoin via Cryptocurrency Exchange

A traditional Crypto Exchange can be a relatively reasonable and straightforward way to purchase bitcoins. However, an important thing to note about exchanges is that if our bitcoins are stored carefully and dogged by the exchange or experience problems, we may lose our money.

Pros and cons of buying cryptocurrencies using credit cards

Pros of buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards:

  • It is very uncomplicated.
  • We can purchase Bitcoins even if we do not have cash in hand.
  • We will not pass through other third-party sites.
  • We love the rewards and benefits that come with spending money through our credit card — it only applies to our specific credit card and what rewards it offers.

Cons of buying bitcoins with a credit card:

  • If we do not use a well-founded exchange, we risk our credit card information being stolen.
  • We can get into debt to buy bitcoins, whose price fluctuates.
  • We may have to pay the transaction amount.

A credit card can be the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin. If you have more credit card limits, you can also enjoy the rewards that come with it after buying Bitcoins.

Advantages of Bitcoin Purchase via Coinitix

First, differs from other crypto exchange platforms because it is a user-friendly platform, and even novice traders can use it without any issue. We do not have to follow a complicated process to buy bitcoins. We can do this by simply creating an account and then verifying it on the platform. This easy login and log out part make this platform more user friendly. Therefore, it gains recognition amongst users.

This platform also offers a digital wallet service for storing crypto coins with top-notch security and data encryption. This makes it the safest crypto-exchange platform. will definitely become a game-changer soon. This is not only increasing the utility of crypto transactions but also enables users to adopt cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in their day-to-day life.

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