Ibinex OTC Solutions

Ibinex OTC Solutions Now Offers Buyers & Sellers to Deal Directly To Meet Their Goals

Ibinex, an exchange provider is ready to launch its OTC solutions where the large buyers and sellers can directly meet to complete their goal. This will eliminate the need of any intermediaries, thus saving the time and money for both the parties.

In OTC trading as the big transactions take place, the trade happens outside of the regular market to avoid the price swing in the global market. By incorporating the OTC desk, the company has increased the institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. OTC solutions of the company also allow the institutions to get involved in the market with improved risk management.

In the present time, OTC transactions are facing many issues like the conflict between seller and buyer on the custodial/escrow services and the conflict about the process through which the transaction can be done. Right now all the transactions are done person to person and technology plays almost no role in the process. There is also an inadequacy of such platforms where large transactions can happen with ease. The company’s OTC desk has addressed all these problems. Before the company’s involvement in OTC transactions, no unified OTC platform could cater to the crypto market and at the same time is lined up with the securities and equity marketplaces.

Ibinex’s OTC desk, which is licensed by United States Bitlicense provides both fiat and crypto custody/escrow services to its clients. The company has built its own crypto custody infrastructure to provide its users with the highest level of safety and accessibility. With the incorporation of OTC desk, the company has eliminated the need to search for a separate escrow and custodian provider which can handle both the side of the transactions for its clients.

The entire process of the transaction – from the escrow/custody of the funds to the completion of the transaction, is done through a single gateway. The company offers its private order book for its institutional OTC customers which will include order entry and acceptance of trades along with all other details of transactions like discount rates, commissions, time to transact, tranche sizes (the portion of the money) and the duration of the contract. The company’s unique and innovative crypto solutions prove that it is all set to align with its client’s requirements.

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