Cannabis Stocks

Is Investing in Cannabis Stocks a Smart Choice in 2019?

Regardless it is cannabis legalization in Canada or nations discussing regulating digital currencies; there are simply a large number of developments happening in these areas. Any investor interested in stepping into these sectors needs to have a sharp awareness of the regular unexpected developments that can either lead to triple-digit increases, or they can rapidly sink an investment below 50 percent.

Growth of Cannabis Stocks

  • In 2017, Bitcoin was in the mind of almost every investor. In 2018, the spotlight moved to cannabis stocks. A few important features set cannabis aside from cryptocurrency. To start with, almost immediately, well-established organizations entered into the Cannabis sector.
  • Cronos and Canopy Growth were the initial two cannabis stocks to list on the New York Stock Exchange. Since their listings from March 2019, Cronos had developed almost 200 percent and Canopy had developed more than 50 percent.
  • The acknowledgment of the cannabis business from leading and legitimate organizations made stocks to take off, with the highest jump just going to Canopy and Cronos. Several organizations have listed themselves on the New York Stock Exchange, and moreover, Canada’s legalization of cannabis has enabled organizations to expand their activities.

Current Scenario of the Cannabis Industry

  • The cannabis business has clearly defined its products outlining its clear benefits. GW Pharmaceuticals, a U.K. based pharmaceutical organization, produces various CBD-based medications, the most well-known is Epidiolex, right now the only cannabis-based medicine that is made available through standard U.S. channels.
  • CBD is a non-psychoactive element of Cannabis, which has enormous health benefits. Next to the health advantages, there are likewise potential markets for cannabis beverages, various concentrates, and a variety of different items.
  • Nonetheless, there are still some careful investors who accept that cannabis will encounter a similar bubble burst that a cryptocurrency encountered recently. Bitcoin was almost 19,000 in mid-December of 2017; the cost of Bitcoin has dropped to around 3,500 a year later. While it is anticipated that cannabis may encounter fluctuation in its price because of legislation changes, chances are less that it will experience the same fate of cryptocurrency.
  • While cryptocurrency permitted few intelligent investors to make easy money in 2017, cannabis provides an increasingly strong investment option. Moreover, stocks may not see a similar hit that Bitcoin saw in 2017, yet, in the long term; particularly as legalization expands, cannabis may establish itself as a more intelligent five, ten, or even 20-year investment.

 Cryptocurrency Sector

  • It is interesting to watch when the market has not one, but two extraordinarily high-developing emerging enterprises making their mark at the same time. At this juncture, investors are fortunate enough to have cryptocurrency and cannabis stocks to select from. Besides, they are both high unpredictability areas with opportunities to double, triple, and even four times the cash.
  • For cryptocurrency, it has been a slow procedure for leading industrialists to come onboard. Most recently, in February 2019, JP Morgan declared that they would disclose the first U.S. Bank-supported cryptocurrency, marking them as the first leading organization venturing into the crypto space.
  • Besides, cryptocurrency is vague and people even struggled to define it. Until now, people do not have an idea who invented Bitcoin. These questions around cryptocurrency have made several investors cautious.

Wrap up

Currently, the market has been recovering stronger. Bitcoin has presently been enjoying 50 percent expansion since the beginning of 2019, followed by major cryptocurrencies. This additionally implies marijuana stocks improved so far in 2019. In any case, with the capital being a limited asset, investors need to consider things like cryptocurrency costs and marijuana legalization, alongst with considering other factors, when choosing where to invest their money.

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