KLV Token’s In-App Offering available on TronWallet

KLV Token’s In-App Offering available on TronWallet

With the growing interest in Klever (KLV) tokens, TronWallet has decided to launch an in-app offering (IAO) in its Swap tool. Users of the TRON ecosystem can use the KLV tokens on TronWallet and take part in the IAO to be held from August 20th to August 24th. Individual users, as well as communities of TronWallet, will be getting access to IAO of KLV tokens. TronWallet will be accepting digital assets in the kinds of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT), and the native TRON (TRX) cryptocurrencies. 

The launch of KLV Flash Sale IAO will bring together the KLV community in the Tron ecosystem. As the TronWallet readies for the launch of its 4th-generation wallet called – the Klever App, the KLV Flash IAO will offer users a chance to purchase these tokens for cheap, even before they get listed on top decentralized exchanges.

Currently, TronWallet’s IAO sale is offering 1 KLV at 0.003 USD. It has a total sale capacity of 1.2 billion KLV in the upcoming IAO. The entire Tron community from around the world can take part in the KLV IAO. As of August 21st, nearly 300 million KLV have already been distributed through an exclusive sale for private TWLT holders and VIP users.

In 2020, TronWallet continues to expand, particularly due to the much-anticipated launch of Klever.io. The crypto wallet has already brought in 370,000 users since the launch of Klever in July. Being one of the biggest blockchain wallets, TronWallet attracts around 625,000 users globally. As of mid-2020, TronWallet has registered a daily active user base of 222,000, which will be pushing the Klever App and TronWallet to become the biggest blockchain apps on the global crypto market.

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