LiquidEarn, AMM for Pegged Crypto Assets Land StableCoin

LiquidEarn, AMM for Pegged Crypto Assets Land StableCoin

Liquidearn is going to be introduced on the Fantom blockchain by releasing the efficiency of a low slippage algorithm for stablecoins like DAI, FUSD, as well as synthetic assets of BTC. 2021 has welcomed myriads of crypto enthusiasts, which has given rise to the use as well as the adoption of crypto space, especially the Defi. With so much expansion in such a short period of time, new obstacles arose.

Liquidearn has the aim to solve various challenges simply by optimizing the recent AMM algorithm for supporting the end-users in a better way. For making huge transactions of stable coins, high slippage can be problematic both for businesses as well as users who are in search of stability when trading stable and synthetic assets. After all, a stable asset should have a consistent value, which is why we created Liquidearn.

Why Fantom Has Been Introduced

The team didn’t face any challenges while developing Fantom Opera, and it solves various issues for the average users and makes the onboarding process quite smooth and easier. FTM, on the other hand, eliminates the problem of slow transaction time and enables users to make the transactions without having to worry about overpaying in gas fees. They can now bring a reliable AMM swap to a new blockchain by building on Fantom while also making use of features that help newcomers to the Defi ecosystem.

According to this Fantom price prediction, FTM has the potential to reach $2.65849 this year.

LiquidEarn FTM LEARBN pool is available on the internet. All you need to do is just open the app and connect your MetaMask wallet. To start supplying liquidity on LiquidEarn, click here. As a return for providing liquidity in the form of FTM, LEARN, you will receive $LEARN, the native token. In the coming week, the three different pools of FUSD, DAI, and USDC will be enabled, where the users can now offer liquidity with three assets.

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