Microsoft Japan Collaborates with LayerX to Increase Uptake of Blockchain Technology

Microsoft Japan has recently partnered with a Blockchain based startup called LayerX. This is done with an aim to increase the uptake of blockchain technology. LayerX was formed in August 2018. It is a joint venture of Gunosy (a news curation application) and AnyPay (an advisory service). This blockchain integration for enterprise includes areas like smart contracts, general consulting, and so on.

The partnership between Japanese Microsoft and LayerX seeks to tap the domestic economy. This partnership aims to make use of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solution in order to promote the blockchain technology to engage with the domestic economy.

“We will support the introduction process in its entirety, even down to the technical support of finished implementations. Both companies will work toward the realization of the transformation of people’s lives and working practices by promoting the implementation of Blockchain technology in various industries,” the press release stated.

In the early part of Nov. 2018, the launch of Azure Blockchain development kit was seen by Microsoft. As reported by the executives from Microsoft, the Azure Blockchain development kit will aim at three main points: “connecting interfaces, integrating data and systems, and deploying smart contracts and Blockchain networks.”

This partnership will prove to boost the already increasing activities in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency sector. The crypto landscape is seeing a significant push from various entities in Japan. On the other hand, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges- Coincheck and Zaif are recovering from hacks in January and September 2018 respectively that incurred them a massive loss of 600 Million dollars.

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