VeChain to Revolutionize Digital Payment Industry

VeChain Steps Up to Revolutionize Digital Payment Industry

VeChain Partnerships

VeChain, a pioneering enterprise-friendly blockchain platform, has partnered with, a top crypto-friendly travel booking platform. This platform lets its clients book tickets using cryptocurrency. It has integrated VET as a payment accommodation option.

Their partnership will allow the use of VET flawlessly for booking in more than 2 million homes and hotels in more than 230 countries around the world. is an established and reputed travel booking platform. With this partnership, will continue to boost crypto adoption in the sector.

Since a surge in expenditure has been witnessed in the vacation market, the optional payment methods will get a fresh wave of change. This demand will also increase the ability to use VET as smart money. Except for the range of hotel bookings, VET will also improve the overall experiences of the users on the platform. 

It’ll also help increase the adoption of blockchain too. Payments will be done safely and quickly because of the reputed platform of VeChain. And the users of will be happy to get access to this user-friendly, prompt, and renowned payment system, making it a win-win situation for both companies.

How can a VET token be used in hotel payment methods?

VET token will work as smart money in case of hotel payments. VeChain shares the idea of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It is committed to promoting VET utility by increasing its role as smart money and building more precious transactions. Payment execution during hotel payments using VET token will be fast and user-friendly. Users will get multiple modern ways to pay for hotel booking with the VeChain currency. It will increase the blockchain solution adoption.

Other uses of VeChain in payment methods

According to VeChain, the appetite of consumers has increased for scalable blockchain solutions and modern payment alternatives. And this is what has led to the partnership of VeChain with many other companies in recent time. VeChain is already used by more than 30 Fortune 500 companies like BMW, Walmart, PwC, and Renault. It intended to reduce the barrier between blockchain technology and companies.

Recently, VeChain partnered with Grant Thornton Cyprus, an accounting and consulting agency, to extend the blockchain solution to many industries in the network of Cypriot companies. Another recent alliance was with Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Company in China. It lets them track the distribution of pork products by the subsidiary of the retailer. VeChain has also partnered with automotive, pharma, food, logistics, eCommerce, and many more industries.

VeChain and ShareRing ecosystem

ShareRing is a large-scale, determined blockchain start-up that intends to offer holistic solutions for both businesses and consumers to unite the sharing economy by getting together popular services across every region and industry. The decentralized marketplace of ShareRing will let users access, link, and pay for different services across the world. 

VeChain has also entered a collaboration with the ShareRing ecosystem. With this partnership, ShareRing has integrated the VET token on its platform. So, VET tokens can be used in nearly 2.5 million hotels in over 190 countries for electronic visas on arrival, 1.2 million vehicles in over 150 countries, and flights, insurance, activities, and tours.

VeriArti launches VET payments

VeriArti is an online marketplace that lets artists tokenize all their work. Artists can also use that platform to make exclusive immutable tokens called VRA NFT-181. These tokens work as proof that tells that a specific work belongs to a particular author. Moreover, VeriArti allows you to trade these tokens.

VeriArti’s team launched a tool recently to increase the adoption of VET. The tool is known as ThorCommerce. It can be used for the conversion of fiat money into VET. If you want to protect your data and keep away from the traditional payment ways like PayPal, then ThorCommerce is the ideal tool for you. ThorCommerce lets users buy and trade with VET. It can be used in more than 4 million WooCommerce shops.


VeChain has been partnering with various large and small companies and enterprises to revolutionize digital payment methods. VeChain uses its Blockchain to make the product life-cycle secure and straightforward for product manufacturers with consumers and vendors. And as per market analysts, VeChain is the best solution for supply chain management. And in terms of VET price prediction, the currency will help investors to earn a good amount of return in the future. VeChain works actively to widen the adoption of cryptocurrency through mutual benefits and valuable partnerships. 

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